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What are Intro Sessions?

Intro sessions are to allow dogs and pups to experience each stage of grooming at their own pace to create a positive experience to hopefully last the dog's lifetime. They are ideal for puppies learning for the first time, rescue and nervous dogs building confidence with grooming.

How many Intro Sessions will my dog need?

This will depend on each individual dog or puppy, some may only need 2 or 3, and others could need 5 or more.

What happens at the first session?

When I arrive I will require you to fill in a form about your dog. We will then start with ACE Freework* outside the van (weather permitting). It is ideal if you can stay with the dog for at least the first 10 minutes, possibly the first session depending on the dog. 


*"Free Work is a simple, low impact activity that can be rewarding for the dog, and

illuminating for the guardian/care giver; it can be set up in any environment. The aim is to give the dog opportunities to engage with a variety of different items enabling guardians and care-givers to highlight items the dog really enjoys, and those he actively avoids." 

What is included over the following sessions? 

Slowly work through each step of introducing the dog to a new person, the environment, handling, brushing, equipment noises, light trimming of face, feet and bottom. This is all taken at the individuals pace reading their body language cues to ensure that it is a positive experience. 

When should I book my puppy in for their first session?

 As soon as they are fully vaccinated and allowed out on walks. 

How long does each session last?

 Intro sessions are up to an hour long. This is to keep sessions short and positive. Sessions are tiring for the dogs so keeping them short allows the dog to learn throughout. 

Will my dog be bathed? 

Not during the intro sessions, this will be added once they are confident enough for a full hair cut. I focus on the elements of grooming that owners can’t do as the majority of people are able to wash their dog if needed, but they cannot cut fur or nails. 

My puppies claws are long, can they be cut?

I will work towards cutting nails, however being able to safely hold their paws still is essential first. 

Depending on the dog’s age and confidence between 2 and 4 weeks apart. 

How often should I book an intro session? 

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