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Virtual Assistant for the pet industry

Having run various pet businesses for over 10 years, I started helping other small business owners with admin tasks. This frees them up to focus on bigger and more specialised tasks. 

Tasks can be long-term reoccurring tasks such as email management, checking your inbox, sorting emails by priority and replying to clients (optional). Or calendar management, arranging your week of work tasks/appointments/meetings along with booking client appointments (optional). As a business owner, the time taken trawling through emails, replying to client enquiries and arranging appointments can be better spent using your skills to be out there training or walking dogs, or caring for the animals in your care. 

Let me help you save time by delegating time-consuming tasks and reduce stress. Flexible and personalised plans for your business. All tasks are timed so you can see exactly where your money is being spent. 

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