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Dog running through a hoop

What is Hoopers?

Hoopers is a fun activity for dogs and their owners, that is low impact on your dogs joints. Your dog will navigate a flowing course of obstacles, mainly hoops but also can include barrels, tunnels and a mat. Learning with your dog and building on your teamwork together. Great for physical and mental stimulation for your dog. This sport is suitable for most dogs over the age of 6 months and handlers of all ages and abilities as distance handling is encouraged (no running). 

My Story

I've been training and competing in agility for about 9 years with my rescue miniature poodle Dobby. After doing agility for a number of years we started our hoopers journey too.  Self-teaching and attending workshops to further our learning. We then began competing in 2020 and have enjoyed it ever since. 

In 2023 I brought home my new poodle puppy. Hoopers is a great activity for puppies as it's all low impact. I can't wait to see our progress over the coming months and years together. In 2024, Harley started competing as he is old enough and doing incredibly well so far. 

My passion for training, particularly hoopers, has grown over the years. In 2021 I completed the Canine Hoopers World Instructors Level 1 and Level 2 courses online. In 2024 I completed the highest level of UK Hoopers Instructors course and can now proudly call myself a Platinum Pro Instructor. 

I want to share this great activity with other dog owners, so they can enjoy time with their dogs. 

- 121 Lessons


- Fun for dogs and owners


- Low impact activity for dogs and owners

- Great mental stimulation, as well as physical, which is very important for dogs to have. 


- Positive reward based

- Experienced and qualified instructor


Please get in touch by email or use the form below to book. Click here to read our T&Cs.

Lessons are held in a secure field in Redbourn, Hertfordshire.


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