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Dog stood on a grooming table, Flawless Paws logo and dog running doing hoopers.

Hoopers is a fun activity for dogs and their owners, that is low impact on your dogs joints. Your dog will navigate a flowing course of obstacles, mainly hoops but also can include barrels, tunnels and a mat. Learning with your dog and building on your teamwork together. This sport is suitable for most dogs over the age of 8 months and handlers of all ages and abilities as distance handling is encouraged. 

Flawless Paws offers 121 lessons suitable for beginners through to competition level. All lessons are held in a secure field in Redbourn. 

Small fluffy dog running through a tunnel

What is Hoopers?

White long haired terrier dog sitting on a grooming table looking at the camera

Flawless Paws is currently unable to take on new grooming clients. Flawless Paws is a fully trained and insured, welfare focused, mobile dog grooming service for small and medium dogs.  

All grooms take place in the mobile salon right on your door step. Grooms are completed on a one to one basis using only natural products and force free handling techniques. This means that your dog always has a choice, and will never be made to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with. Using only positive reinforcement, by praise and treats, your dog will be as stress-free and happy as possible during their grooming experience. Nicola takes pride in her work and level of care, spending extra time with young, nervous, elderly or rescue dogs which helps them to enjoy their groom. It is key to maintain a consistent grooming schedule that remains positive throughout your dog's life. The health and welfare of your dog is always the number one priority.

Tracie R

We were so happy to find Nicola after our dog suddenly became fearful of going to his usual groomers. Nicola took the time to get to know our boy and let him get comfortable at his own pace, reassuring him when he was worried. He is now happily hopping up into her van and is able to be clipped and have his nails trimmed without stress. I can’t tell you how relieved we are and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicola, especially for puppies or anxious dogs.

Rachel S

I've been to Nicola's hooper's training a few times, both me and my cockapoo love going, it's a great bonding experience. She explains everything really well and its lovely learning from her. If you are thinking of trying hooper's I couldn't recommend Nicola enough.

Sheena B

Myself and my two dogs had a brilliant first hoopers lesson with Nicola. She was so good with both my dogs and worked well with them and me.
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